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ISIA 2023
Guideline for Speakers

1. Timing

We would request that you avoid any delays in starting the presentation. Speakers should arrive at the conference at least half an hour before the scheduled time for your speech.

Keep notice about the time scheduled for your speech in the Invitation Letter. Usually, every speaker is allotted 45 minutes (including 5 minutes left for Q&A) in total. Please do not exceed the time limit, and leave enough time for the audience to ask questions.


2. Dress Tips

We strongly encourage speakers wear formal attire for a professional look at the conference.


3. Culture Difference

As participants come from countries and regions across the world with different cultures, we strongly encourage speakers to keep in positive and welcoming manners, with speech content being free from inappropriate humor, or the expression of religious, political, philosophical or other beliefs.


4. Permission to record or reproduce

By joining the conference, you're giving an OK for your talk to be recorded and live streamed as well as later made available on the internet.


5. Laptop use

The equipped laptops or thumb drives must not be occupied for personal use except for uploading or downloading presentation.